Climate Change Consulting Industry

December 2008
Volume 1, Number 12

CCBJ estimates place today's climate change consulting market at $1.9 billion worldwide and $670 million in the United States, but those figures are expected to more than double in the next five years, fully accounting for the financial meltdown of 2008. The market is analogous to the U.S. environmental consulting & engineering market that was about $600 million in billings in 1976, six years after the foundation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. That market doubled by 1980, grew 10-fold to $12 billion in 1990, and stands at $27 billion in 2008.... Climate change consulting only counts for 2-3% of environmental C&E revenues today, but CCBJ believes a similar growth trajectory awaits...

Inside this edition:

  • Market Overview: Specialty consultants compete with global management consultancies, accounting firms, law firms and insurers for intellectual leadership in climate change consulting. Throw in niche expertise in carbon trading, energy efficiency, and green building design, and competition starts to heat up.
  • Data charts: Growth forecasts for the Climate Change Consulting Market
  • Survey Results: Climate Change Consulting services most commonly offered by vendors; ranking of clients and regions requesting climate change consulting services in 2008; respondents identify critical external market and economic issues for the Climate Change Industry
  • TRC, ENVIRON, ICF, and Dcarbon8 define their climate change practices
  • Verdantix reviews the role of C&E firms, management consultants, accounting firms and independents in the Climate Change Consulting Industry.
  • Profiles of Jacques Whitford, EORM, B&D Consulting and AEA

Companies: AEA Group, B&D Consulting, Baker & Daniels LLP, dcarbon, Eastern Research Group, ENVIRON International, EORM, Holland & Knight, IBM Global Business Services, ICF International, Jacques Whitford, KPMG, Marsh and McLennan, McKinsey & Co., Oliver Wyman Group, Project Performance Corporation, TRC Companies, Verdantix Ltd.


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