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CCBJ Newsletter devotes a comprehensive edition to wind power every year to 18 months, but almost every edition touches on wind either in the context of competition with other forms of low-carbon power or in terms integration with smart grid and demand response programs, trends in renewable energy certificate (REC) markets, information technology and electric utilities' resource planning in the context of renewable portfolio standards.

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Report 4120: Wind Energy Markets Report contains detailed global coverage of wind turbine manufacturing; wind project development; and global, national, regional and state wind energy markets. It also features charts of global wind energy industry growth by turbine sales, wind generated electricity sales, installed wind capacity, turbine marketshare, and wind turbine sales in the United States. Included are results of the CCBJ Wind Industry Survey; the race for offshore wind energy; plus profiles of leading wind energy industry manufacturers, developers and consulting & engineering firms.

This 99-page report maps out the Wind Energy industry with market data breakdowns and forecasts, and the latest trends and strategy derived from executive interviews.

Table of Contents and Table of Figures

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Illustrated with 73 figures and charts including:

    * The Global Wind Energy Industry
    * US Wind Energy Turbines
    * Sales of Wind Turbines in the U.S.
    * Annual U.S. Turbine Installation Capacity by Manufacturer
    * Global Wind Turbine Market Share
    * Mergers & Acquisitions in Wind Energy
    * Wind Power, U.S. Installed Capacity by State
    * Key Issues for U.S. Wind Power
    * US Wind Power Rankings
    * Utility Wind Power Rankings
    * Growth Forecast For The Wind Energy Business