Solar Energy Industry

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CCBJ Newsletter devotes a comprehensive edition to solar energy industries and markets (PV, concentrating solar power and solar water heating) every year to 18 months, but almost every edition touches on solar either in the context of competition with other forms of low-carbon power or in terms integration with smart grid deployment, demand response programs, information technology and electric utilities' resource planning.

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Report 4110: Solar Energy Industry Report

CCBJ's Report 4110 is a thorough examination and quantitative analysis of the solar energy industry. Figures include U.S. and global sales and growth in photovoltaics and solar thermal equipment and systems; the value of energy produced in electricity from PV and concentrating solar thermal power; and heat and hot water from solar water heating units. Revenues in specialty services like site evaluation, planning & permitting and installation are also presented. Companies all across the supply chain are profiled.

This 116-page report maps out the Solar Industry with many market data breakdowns and forecasts, and the latest trends and strategies derived from various executive interviews.

Table of Contents and Table of Figures

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Highlights: This 116-page Solar Energy Industry Report covers supply and demand in solar manufacturing, solar power mergers and acquisitions, investment in solar energy, profiles of top solar equipment manufacturers and top solar development companies, the market for solar thermal versus the market for concentrating solar power versus the market for solar hot water systems, plus emerging solar technologies and more. See TOC for more details.

34 charts including:

    * Global Solar Energy Industry (PV, CSP, electricity value, power value, planning & design)
    * Annual Growth in Global Solar Energy Industry
    * Annual Growth in U.S. Solar Energy Industry
    * Installed Cost of Photovoltaics
    * Global Solar Photovoltaic Installations
    * Global Leaders in Solar Photovoltaic Production
    * Consumption of Thermal Solar Power
    * U.S. Solar Energy Consulting & Engineering and Construction