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CCBJ Newsletter has reported on how green building went from a boutique market to the hottest segment of the building industry. While the recession has slowed investment in all construction, demand for energy efficiency retrofits-supported by federal stimulus funding-has increased; and when the economy recovers, green and energy efficiency features will be significant drivers in commercial, institutional and residential building markets.

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In Report 4500, CCBJ estimates the U.S. Green Building Industry at $45 billion in 2007, leveling to $50-55 billion in 2008 and 2009, in terms of value of green buildings put in place during the calendar year. Annual growth was 30-40% from 2004-2007, after 50-60% growth in 2001-2003 when EBI Inc. started estimating the value of green buildings based on LEED certification data, total construction data, interviews and surveys of practitioners and experts. Green building markets have slowed in the recession, but the percentage of projects in the category has increased more than anticipated as government and institutional markets remain busy.

This 62-page report maps out the Green Building Industry consisting of market  breakdowns and forecasts by competitor and client type, as well as significant regional variations in regulations, certifications and building practices.

Table of Contents and Table of Figures

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In just a few years, the green building market has grown from a boutique niche to the hottest segment of the building industry. From a market made up of mission-driven public agencies and institutions it has grown into one in which corporations and developers are going green to meet the demands of customers, tenants, employees, legislators and shareholders.

Illustrated with 29 figures and charts including:
  • U.S. Green Building Industry 2001-2012
  • Estimated & Projected Wholesale Revenues of U.S. Green Building Material Market
  • Leading Developers of Green Office Buildings
  • LEED Projects by Project Type
  • Top Green Design Firms
  • CCBJ Green Building Survey