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Energy efficiency and demand response are heavy hitters on the climate change mitigation team, but financial, technical and regulatory challenges must be met to reap the benefits of these measures. CCBJ Newsletter examines cutting-edge business and financing models that are making EE/DR-and the enabling smart grid systems-work for consumers, utilities and investors.

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Report 4300, Energy Efficiency and Demand Response explores the policy and market drivers that animate the EE&DR industry. CCBJ pays particular attention to the emerging business models that have built demand response services into a $370 million market from virtually nothing 10 years ago. We examine the strategies of utilities and their consultants to leverage demand response and energy efficiency to mitigate climate change exposure and limit growth of expensive peak generation. Strategies of consulting engineering firms, technology developers, energy service companies and other participants in this dynamic market are explored.

This 68-page report maps out the Energy Efficiency and Demand Response Industry with market data breakdowns and forecasts, and the latest trends and strategies derived from various executive interviews.


Table of Contents and Table of Figures

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To quantify the energy efficiency industry CCBJ aggregated data on the energy service company (ESCO) sector; energy efficient equipment; energy efficiency spending by major sectors in the economy; and created an energy efficiency company model derived from CCBJ sales estimates of the leading firms.

Illustrated with 29 figures and charts including:

* The U.S. Energy Efficiency & Demand Response Industry 2000-2010
* Assessment of Achievable Potential from Energy Efficiency and Demand
* Venture Capital Investment in Energy Efficiency, Demand Response, Smart Grid
* Global Energy Efficiency Venture Investment
* U.S. Energy Efficiency ESCO Revenue
* Top US Energy Service Contractors
* Demand Response Services 2004-2009
* Smartgrid/Demand Response Equipment & Systems