EBI Ranks Top Companies in the Climate Change Industry

EBI Ranks Top Companies in the Climate Change Industry

News Release -- San Diego, Calif. -- Environmental Business International Inc. (EBI), publisher of Climate Change Business Journal (CCBJ), has released its inaugural list of leading firms in the global climate change industry.

Led by Siemens, GE, Johnson Controls and Toyota, 40 companies grossed $185 billion from climate change mitigation services and products in 2010, estimates Climate Change Business Journal.

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EBI's definition of the climate change industry, developed over several years and first published in 2008, encompasses nine primary business segments: 1) Low-Carbon Power, 2) Carbon Capture & Storage, 3) Energy Efficiency & Demand Response, 4) Energy Storage, 5) Green Buildings, 6) Transportation, 7) Carbon Markets, 8) Adaptation, and 9) Research/Consulting & Engineering.

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"Despite the global recession and the absence of a successor to the Kyoto Protocol, mitigating climate change continues to grow in importance to major corporations," said Jim Hight, CCBJ's senior editor. "We see this in corporate branding around sustainability and the rapid evolution of products and services ranging from smart-grid technology to more efficient power generation equipment, carbon and energy management software, electric vehicles and ultra-efficient appliances."

"Even climate change solutions that just a couple years ago seemed unlikely to succeed in the near term-like carbon capture and storage for coal power-are seeing major investments from energy corporations that know global concern about carbon emissions is not going to go away," said Hight.

"Even fuel-cell vehicles are gaining traction faster than many thought," said Hight. "After making about 200 of its Mercedes Benz F-Cell vehicles, Daimler expects to go into commercial production of its next generation fuel-cell vehicle in 2014-a year earlier than originally planned. And they expect the FCV to reach cost parity with a four-cylinder diesel hybrid by 2015."

CCBJ pegged climate change industry growth in 2010 at 6% globally and 4% in the United States, significantly ahead of GDP growth. The Top 40 firms each received at least $1 billion in 2010 revenues related to climate change mitigation, according to CCBJ estimates. Total climate change revenue for the group was estimated at $185 billion, 16% of the climate change industry's total 2010 revenue of $1.16 trillion. The publication aims to broaden this list to a Top 100 in 2012.

The Top 40 ranking includes only firms that manufacture or sell climate change services and products. Large end users and wholesale customers like utilities were not included unless they had commercial energy divisions with significant low-carbon power generation, such as Iberdrola, NextEra, EDF and EDP. Similarly, Shell and other oil companies that purchase large amounts of biofuels were not ranked, while large producers such as ADM and Poet made the cut.

"This is very much an inaugural list, and as the climate change industry evolves and matures, we will add to and revise our ranking with each iteration, as we have done previously with our surveys of the environmental industry," said Grant Ferrier, president of EBI.

The edition also highlights how major corporations are fortifying their presence in the industry through billion-dollar deals like Toshiba's acquisition of smart meter maker Landis+Gyr and Total oil company's purchase of solar PV firm SunPower. "The increase in sizeable M&A activity in the industry will add new entrants in 2011," Ferrier noted.

In this Edition of CCBJ:

  • Chart of global and U.S. climate change industry size and growth by segment
  • Top 40 List
  • In-depth profiles based on interviews with top executives from Siemens, Daimler, Johnson Controls, Shenhua Group, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, SAP, Shell and LG Corp.
  • Reflections on the Solyndra bankruptcy by Andrew Paterson, CCBJ Federal and Energy Sector Principal.

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