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Consulting and engineering (C&E) firms are core players in all segments of the climate change industry, and in addition to devoting periodic editions to the C&E industry, CCBJ Newsletter reports on the market for C&E services and the activities of leading firms in almost every edition.

Click here for Q&As with two C&E firms-MWH Americas and Kennedy/Jenks-from CCBJ's January 2011 Executive Review edition.

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Climate Change Consulting Industry

Report 4900: the Climate Change Consulting Industry includes detailed analysis of Consulting & Engineering (C&E) services related to climate change. CCBJ estimates today's climate change consulting market at $1.9 billion worldwide and $670 million in the United States. These figures are expected to more than double in the next five years, even fully accounting for the financial meltdown of 2008. We believe the Climate Change Consulting Industry will have an even steeper and faster growth trajectory than the Environmental Consulting Industry, which in 1976 had billings of $600 million but today generates $27 billion.

This 200+ page report maps out the Climate Change Consulting Industry with market data breakdowns by service categories and forecasts. It presents profiles of industry leaders, in addition to trends and strategies shared by analysts. Report 4900 also looks at competitor types: management consultancies, law firms, carbon traders, and the full slate of specialist and environmental consultants that have led the market historically.

Table of Contents and Table of Figures

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Illustrated with 38 figures and charts including:

  • Climate Change Consulting Market ($Mil)
  • Global Climate Change Consulting Market
  • U.S. Climate Change Consulting Market ($Mil)
  • Climate Change Industry Consulting & Engineering Market ($Mil)
  • Climate Change Consulting Services
  • U.S. Climate Change Industry Consulting & Engineering Market ($Mil) 2008-
  • Top 20 Environmental Consulting & Engineering firms
  • Leaders in Climate Change Consulting