Carbon Capture and Storage Industry

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CCBJ Newsletter covers carbon capture and storage (CCS) in the context of ongoing coverage of the electric power sector, Canadian oilsands, coal syngas and coal-to-liquids. Our 2008 edition on CCS provides a comprehensive overview of CCS and periodic features update the technology's status.

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Report 4700: Carbon Markets Report offers estimates of regulated and voluntary carbon trading activity. It also looks at carbon emissions brokerages, voluntary carbon offset markets, agricultural and forestry carbon offsets, the participation of consulting and engineering firms in the carbon market, and individual company profiles.

This 66-page report maps out Carbon Markets consisting of market volumes, prices and forecasts, and the latest trends derived from interviews with traders, consultants, program administrators and the regulated community.


Table of Contents and Table of Figures

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Illustrated with 26 figures and charts including:

* Size of Global Climate Change Industry
* Global Carbon Market: Regulated vs. Voluntary
* Global CO2 Emissions
* Global Carbon Market ($mil)
* Global Carbon Market: Regulated vs. Voluntary
* Compliance-Based Carbon Markets, Primary Buyers