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CCBJ Newsletter reports on trends and developments in biopower and biofuels in several editions annually. Coverage in 2010 and 2011 include overviews of the biopower and biofuels sectors, stories on biomass heating, biomass gasification and advanced biofuels.

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The Bioenergy Industry Report 4130 examines the biopower sector, including companies in biomass gasification, anaerobic digestion, landfill-gas-to-energy and conventional combustion. It also covers the ethanol sector and emerging algae and cellulosic technology. This 67-page report includes charts of growth forecasts for the U.S. bioenergy industry, global ethanol production, lists of top U.S. biodiesel plants in 2007 and algae-to-energy companies, highlights from CCBJ Bioenergy Industry survey, biomass power in China, India and Europe, stock performance of companies in the biofuels business, and company profiles.


Table of Contents and Table of Figures

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Illustrated with 67 figures and charts including:

* U.S. Bioenergy Industry 2004-2012
* CCBJ Bionenergy Survey Results
* DOE Funding for Small-Scale Biorefineries Projects
* Algae-to-Energy Companies
* Top U.S. Biodiesel Plants
* Sample Carbon-Offset Biomass Projects In Asia
* Annual Growth in Biofuels Production